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My Latest Gets [001]

19 Apr

All but one of these is from Amazon Japan! (the Aikawa Seina DVD on the far left, MMR-126, is from HMV Japan. I had it and her latest release on order but I missed out on her latest as it sold out and my order was cancelled T^T Which means I’m going to have to find it and most likely pay a lot more than it’s worth to get XD;;;).

The two Shiina Momo DVD’s are continuations of the two I already owned =D And even though I find most of Cocoro’s releases to be tacky I do like her very much. She comes across sort of punk and a little crass XD Plus she has a very cute butt >_> And Aikawa Seina is my Saaya, who I’m not particularly fond of, which is odd in the Junior Idol sphere as most everyone seems to like her. Most even stating she’s the reason they discovered the sub-culture.

Amazon Japan delivered my packages pretty darn fast, and they arrived safe and sound. Though the boxes Amazon uses are kinda crap for international post (both boxes were sort of open by the time my parcel post man delivered them).