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I believe I am addicted >_>

6 May

In the last six months I’ve spent ¥44,268 (or $544AUD) on Junior Idol goods ._.

**I should make a correction. That was only in the last couple months. I’m even more addicted than I thought :S**

I have spent more over the years, but I believe this is the most in a six month period I have ever spent… And I plan on spending more, and sooner rather than later (you really have to buy something you see as soon as you see it, or usually within a month, otherwise you risk it being pulled from Amazon due to stock etc… meaning if you want it you’ll have to jump through hoops of fire to get it) xD;;

It’s not a bad addiction, for sure, but addicted I truly am… And to tell the truth I wouldn’t have it any other way ^_^