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My Latest Gets [003]

6 Apr

Firstly, I had to use my mobile camera this time as my proper camera is on vacation and hasn’t left an itinerary :/

I haven’t gotten anything Junior related of late… That is until Amazon got Miyuu Sasaki’s photobook back in stock, I discovered Ayaka Otani and fell for Ayana Nishinaga thanks to Minisuka.tv =3 The Shiina Momo photobook has been in stock ever since it was released so it’s just been sitting in my cart waiting. Upon finding the Miyuu PB in stock I immediately added the long awaited PB and three DVD’s I’d been eyeing off into my cart and parted with a hellish amount of money for five items ;__; Why you be so expencive??

Any who, you may be saying “You only have two DVD’s there buddy o_O” to which I would answer “I also ordered CHAMA-22, Miyuu’s new four hour release =3 But I had to wait for more stock so Amazon could fullfil my pre-order” See, makes sence now 😛

So, the two photobooks are: もも日和 (Shiina Momo) and miyuu (Miyuu Sasaki)  and the two DVD’s are: DJKA-007 (Ayaka Otani) and GJOS-027 (Ayana Nishinaga). If you would like to buy them, or anything else, then please head over to Kawaii15 and use their shop links (located at the top of the forum. You don’t even need to be registered to use them ;)). It gives them a little money if you buy something and makes you feel doubley warm all over ^_^


6 Apr
  • Title: Shiina Momo
  • Actress: Shiina Momo ( 椎名もも )
  • Company: Imouto.tv / アイマックス
  • Runtime: 1h 6mn
  • Catalogue Code: IMOY-002

IMOY-002 - Inside Cover

Overall Findings:

She’s an absolute cutie! I’m not entirely sure how I discovered her, most probable surfing Kawaii15. But I’m glad I have her in my life =) There are an over-abundance of swimsuits (which is my usual comment), as per usual for a junior idol production. It doesn’t detract from her cuteness, but some more normal clothing (and by that I mean clothing a girl of her age would be wearing, or could conceivably wear) thrown in would have been nice. And as usual in her releases she comes off as basically a little girl, which is so spectacular to see.

Something else you will notice is how delightful her giggle is. The off-shot parts are adorable, seeing her answer questions (and quite frequently give hilarious answers, you can hear the crew laugh) and interact with the crew is rather nice.


It’s the typical Junior Idol soundtrack. But with a little, tiny bit of zest.

Pic Spam & Review:

So the opener is a green bikini with red/pink straps and ties. She stands and walks around a small backyard before taking her place in front of a door and sitting on the steps. In said bikini you can see she’s so dainty it’s adorable. She makes you want to pick her up and spin her around XD She also has a cute butt and the most delicious of smiles & dimples ^-^

She would make a terrible break and enter expert XD

The cutest little yellow sandal heels.

Then someone finds a packet of balloons, or equivalent, and she’s ever so happy. Though she can’t quite blow it up, she does try. And try. And try XD She throws them around, plays with them, even riding one for a little XD

Happy balloon-type-thing time!

Random member of the crew poking her with a pink balloon XD The little princess playing balloon baseball.

Giddy up!  So cute. So proud ^_^

Next up is a one-piece blue sports swimsuit (my favourite style ^-^ It’s much more becoming to the younger figure). She stands, and swings from, an open door. The wind whips up a bit and plays with her bangs. She moves onto the shower area(?) and plays around with the shower head, getting all wet (and a little bit soapy) in the process:

The little princess playing balloon baseball.
So charming, so adorable, so beautiful =)

Next we have her in the cutest pig tails, while she’s wearing a very unflattering swimsuit.

So this has been in my drafts folder since August 2011. I figure I’ll release it into the wild now and if I ever get the need to finish it I will ._.

My Latest Gets [001]

19 Apr

All but one of these is from Amazon Japan! (the Aikawa Seina DVD on the far left, MMR-126, is from HMV Japan. I had it and her latest release on order but I missed out on her latest as it sold out and my order was cancelled T^T Which means I’m going to have to find it and most likely pay a lot more than it’s worth to get XD;;;).

The two Shiina Momo DVD’s are continuations of the two I already owned =D And even though I find most of Cocoro’s releases to be tacky I do like her very much. She comes across sort of punk and a little crass XD Plus she has a very cute butt >_> And Aikawa Seina is my Saaya, who I’m not particularly fond of, which is odd in the Junior Idol sphere as most everyone seems to like her. Most even stating she’s the reason they discovered the sub-culture.

Amazon Japan delivered my packages pretty darn fast, and they arrived safe and sound. Though the boxes Amazon uses are kinda crap for international post (both boxes were sort of open by the time my parcel post man delivered them).