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Minisuka.tv – Stage 1!

9 Oct

Well I’m now a Stage 1 member of Minisuka.tv!! I didn’t really know what that meant until today xD I was contemplating cancelling my subscription to the site as I couldn’t see any real benefits anymore and I’m saving for a Japan trip next year. That is until I spotted this sitting on the left sidebar: Once you click the image you are taken to the Stage 1 members area:

The Update List (image above, right sidebar) has all the newly released Stage 1 content listed and you get a new menu (image in the middle, below) with links to the new galleries you can now access. They include – Secret Gallery (image on the left, below), Dream Gallery (image on the right, below) and a whole new Archives Gallery (image below) to look at. There are two Archives, Special and Regular:

The image sets in Stage 1 seem to be of an older age (as in the girls) and the older sets are somewhat more “risqué” as they are no longer under the title of Junior Idol (so expect panty/bra removal, side breast and nude butts):


And here is a video from the Stage 1 Dream Galley (Mio Ayame):

In the Secret Gallery you can find extra and “secret” photo and video sets from normally released sets, such as the following examples of a Fuuka Nishihama and Mayumi Yamanaka secret set:

And here is a video of Yuri Kobayashi (16) and some photos of Kiyori Takami (16) from the Stage 1 Regular Archive Gallery:

All in all it’s a glorious place to be! I hope that you endeavour to find your way there sometime soon. If I make it the Stage 2 then expect another post on what I find there!

To sign up head over to Minisuka.tv and click the big pink “Join” button up the top (I would also recommend using Google Chrome to do this as it has built-in translation ;D). You pretty much just need to follow your nose as it’s not overly difficult.

The membership rates are as follows:

  • Every 30 days \ ¥2,000
  • Every 60 days \¥ 3,800
  • Every 90 days \ ¥5,400