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imouto me

Welcome to imouto me (couldn’t think of a better name XD)!

Here you will find reviews of Junior Idol materials I actually own……… Yes, that’s right, I said I own Junior Idol DVD’s, Photobooks and at the moment I have a subscription to Minisuka.tv (I’d have one to Imouto.tv as well if I could manage a JCB credit card). You too can own these items by searching the stores listed in the links to your left, and I highly recommend you do ^__^ It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling buying them and collecting them, but it also supports the Idol and the production company (meaning she gets paid and more content is created).

You will find sample images from Minisuka.tv, as well as a few videos from their sets, as well as screencaps of DVD’s and if available (meaning if I feel like making one) preview videos of the DVDs I review. You will also find my views and feelings about the items I own, which is I hope useful to you in helping to decided whether you want to buy it =)

Please, please, please don’t report the YouTube videos as it’s a pain as I have to find them and then try and fix what’s been done (all Jr. Idol videos I upload on YouTube are unlisted, meaning only people with the link can view them).

A little warning to the slow bandwidth readers among you: My reviews are image intensive, something I caught from my previous stint in reviewing XD


My name is neno001, I’m Australian and I’m 22.

I’ve been blogging for many a year and of late have branched out into fields I usually wouldn’t have. Junior Idols being one such area….. At least publicly XD I’ve been into Junior Idols since my high school years and it doesn’t seem to disappear with time, it in fact is reinforced through the passage of time xD

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk =D

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