When there isn’t protection and slippage occurs, OR The Non-Existant Safety Panties

7 Nov

If you’re a fan of Junior Idols, and I assume you are, then you may know of the piece of clothing aptly named “Safety Shorts”. They are objects of clothing that protect the Jr. Idols modesty, as well as allowing longer crotch shots it seems.

They also allow girls in Idol groups (Idoling!!!, AKB48, Hello!Project) to perform crazy performances without needing to worry about flashing their pretty whites to the fans. In that case they are indeed shorts, and you become rather disappointed quite often.

The type of Safety Shorts I’m referring to in reference to Junior Idols could be labelled as “Safety Panties” as they are made to be invisible with clear plastic straps and are worn underneath those cute bikini bottoms, thus hiding from view things that shouldn’t be seen. I’ve seen tonnes of them and understand their use and the need for them. I’ve never not seen them on my favourite Juniors, except for this one occasion.

I downloaded the following title, from Kawaii15:

It stars Misuzu Tanaka (田中美鈴) who I found by randow trolling of the forums. She’s one hell of a gorgeous, tomboy-ish girl =) Except she’s not wearing any protection:

First time in my entier life I’ve seen that. To say I was gobsmacked is an understatment.

And here’s the non-red circled version:

I was dumbfounded when I saw it. I didn’t actually believe I saw what I thought I saw until I went back and saw that it was indeed the pubic hair of Misuzu-chan peeking up out of her swimmers. I’m quite surprised in made the final cut.

One Response to “When there isn’t protection and slippage occurs, OR The Non-Existant Safety Panties”

  1. random_troll 19/11/2012 at 8:04 pm #

    I just found her yesterday, she’s really cute. I thought junior idol at that age haven’t grow pubic hair yet. I guess I’m wrong.

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