My Latest Gets [002]

3 Aug

Sorry about the blurry image, my camera is getting long in the tooth xD

This time we have an assortment of Miyuu Sasaki, who I’ve just discovered and immediately adored. The magazine and DVD (CHAMA-08) are from and the other two DVDs (SSEB-001 & TOKYO-009) are from a Rakuten Global Market store called Surugaya-a-too. Amazon cancelled my order on TOKYO-009 and deleted it off the site (I’m figuring they couldn’t get stock) and I plain couldn’t find SSEB-001 at any of the usual stores.

I discovered Rakuten partially through the Kawaii 15 Online Store forum, though before I posted about the Global Market I wasn’t sure it was useful to foreigners, which in general it most certainly is! The store I bought off was very fast, got it within 4-5 days and was well packed (same way HMV sends stuff).

I’m still working on the reviews, takes me a while (read:forever) to get them the way I like.

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